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About the Project

Guinea_Station-webIn August 2013, a public-private partnership was formed between Direction Nationale de la Meteorologie (NMS of Guinea, West Africa) and Earth Networks, paving the way for the first-ever operation of a comprehensive, technologically advanced early warning system for monitoring and alerting to severe weather in a Least Developed Country (LDC).

The Guinea Meteorological Demonstration Project utilizes the Earth Networks Early Warning System — providing an innovative, complete end-to-end system for weather monitoring, nowcasting and early warning of severe weather, high winds, floods and drought conditions.

This Pilot Network Design and Implementation Program provides:

    • Twelve (12) Earth Networks Total Lightning Sensors with integrated automated weather stations
    • Full national coverage:
        • Severe weather warnings (DTAs)
        • Precipitation monitoring (PulseRad)
    • Weather visualization and tracking (StreamerRT)
    • Current weather observations and pinpoint forecasts (ENcast) out to 10 days
    • Implementation on and/or near Cellcom mobile telecom towers
        • Secure siting for equipment
        • Provision of power and communications
    • Real-time, TCP-IP data streaming over a mix of microwave and satellite data links
    • Mix of on- and off-grid power
    • Onsite training

Deployed within just a few weeks, this pilot network for the first time has enabled the Guinean NMS to actively monitor thunderstorms and Guinea_Station2precipitation, and issue early warning alerts of dangerous weather conditions from one complete system.

The goal of the system is to enable the Guinea NMS to observe, inform and alert the public and other government agencies of impending hazards, while allowing the organization to strengthen into a professional, robust NMS organization providing timely and relevant climate information.

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This blog is designed to provide key updates on severe weather as it happens in Guinea. Be sure to follow the blog via email to receive updates.

Additional Information

Read the official press release for the project: In English     En français     En español

For more information, please contact Ari Davidov,

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